About Us

Company Culture

People are at the heart of Triona. Our ambition is to create long-term, shared values and commitments with our customers and employees.




We are known as a company that is good at collaborating with our customers and partners and has coworkers who work in a dedicated, communicative, and open way based on a holistic approach. We work closely with our customers so that we understand their needs. The starting point in our activities is derived from our customers’ objectives.

We live up to our business concept.

“ …to create efficient solutions that help our customers reach their goals “

by working closely with our customers so we understand their needs. The starting point in our assignments should be derived from our customers’ objectives.


Our coworkers create Triona’s culture and that’s why we think it’s important that all coworkers have fun at work as well as a good work-life balance. Training and skills development are other issues which are highly prioritized. Our coworkers are offered an individual development plan which includes courses, certifications etc. and we continuously arrange activities for skills development like internal skills development lunches and “compcamps”, a type of training camp.

We offer a salary model which comprises a fixed salary, profit sharing and competitive benefits. We are convinced that this model leads to an increased value for our customers as well as higher efficiency and wellbeing among our coworkers.


The company culture even guides Triona’s internal governance; we want to foster collaboration. We have a model which encourages collaboration within the company, and we work today in a distributed way. In our daily life this means that we work in teams which can consist of coworkers from several offices and/or cooperation partners. To avoid sub-optimizations and internal competition we do not allow things like internal invoicing, which can lead to different units “earning money” from each other. Instead, we work with the person in the center, and we strive for a high degree of human interaction, learning, and adjusting to changes.


Continuous improvement

Furthermore, we aim to continually improve our business. Examples of this are that we continually develop work aids, processes etc. which we use in our daily work. We also endeavour to work proactively in our customer relationships and suggest innovative solutions which allow our customers to streamline their business. A high cost-efficiency makes us less vulnerable and ensures that in the long term we can continue to be a stable supplier to our customers.