About Us


Triona works together with several partners. We have primarily business and technology partners and the collaboration brings many benefits to our customers, our partners, and Triona.

Our technology partners give us the prerequisites to be able to carry out our product and system development operations and the ability to offer cloud-based operations. This helps us to meet the market’s demands for modern technology and smart solutions. To be successful with this we work actively so our employees get certifications that meet our partners’ requirements.

Our business partners complement Triona’s offerings and likewise we complement their offerings. Together with our business partners we can offer more comprehensive solutions which deliver greater customer benefits from each individual supplier.

We currently have the following partners:

Business partners

Technology partners

  • Euroskilt
  • Hacon
  • Pinja
  • Sokigo
  • Trimble
  • ESRI
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle