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Financial reports

The official financial reports are published in Swedish and can be found on our Swedish website at finansiella rapporter.

You can find a consolidated income, balance sheet and cash flow statement for the most recent period under the "Read more" section.

Comments to the second quarter 2020:

The development in the second quarter has, as expected, been weaker than normal. Demand for services and order intake has also been lower than normal. At the same time, Covid-19 has made the work of creating completely new business relationships more difficult and we have also had a slightly higher absence from work than normal in Norway during the quarter. The pandemic thus also affects the Triona Group. However, we have a strong financial situation and we are well prepared to get through these challenging times together with customers, employees, suppliers and authorities.

During the second quarter, investments in our product operations also continued. The investment of time in our products is driven by new customer collaborations and will in the long run generate increased revenue. In the second quarter, these investments had a negative effect on our profitability of approximately SEK 3.0 million. Operating profit for the quarter came in at SEK 1.1 (2.9) million.

Own sales were lower in the second quarter than in the corresponding period last year, SEK 40.6 (44.6) million, which is mainly explained by the product investments, but also by higher absence from work and lower demand. Personnel costs were slightly lower than the previous year, SEK 35.6 (36.0) million, which i.a. is explained by the fact that Triona used a temporary state aid involving reduced employer contributions possible due to Covid-19 (0.5 MSEK). Other external costs are also significantly lower than in the previous year 3.4 (SEK 4.3 million), which is mainly related to reduced travel and external training. The number of employees at the end of the quarter was 153 (153).