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Triona distance calculation service

Triona provides a distance calculation service which calculates distance, journey time and CO2 emissions for passenger cars, trucks, and heavy goods vehicles. The service has support for locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands.

Based on a specified start point, destination and stops along the route, the distance calculation service calculates the best route for the selected vehicle and returns the suggested route including distance, calculated journey time, and CO2 emissions based on fuel type. By the best route we mean the most optimal route which the vehicle type can and is permitted to be driven on. The service is a cloud service with a machine-to-machine (M2M) interface.

Master data and calculation model

The distance calculation is based on information from the national road databases in Norway, Sweden, and Finland which ensures high quality of the suggested routes based on the vehicle’s height, weight, and length. For other countries we use data from OpenStreetMap, and the quality depends on the OpenStreetMap community.

The calculations are performed by Triona’s own route calculation engine, TRE (Triona Routing Engine).

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