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Triona distance calculation service

Triona’s distance calculation service provides fast and up-to-date data for journey distances and travelling time between different locations in Norway and Sweden, for standard motor vehicles and trucks and other heavy goods vehicles.

Based on a specified start and end point the distance calculation service calculates the best route for a vehicle (car or truck) according to specified parameters (height, weight, width, length) and returns up to three suggested routes including distance and calculated journey time. By the best route we mean the most optimal route which the vehicle type can drive on and is permitted to be driven on.

Master data and calculation model

The distance calculation is based on information from the national road databases (NVDB) in Norway and Sweden and uses Triona’s routing engine (Transport Routing Engine) to calculate the route alternatives. The addresses in the service are based among other things on data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and other open data sources.

Routing as a service for integration with other systems

The distance calculation service is a cloud service with several APIs (SOAP and REST) which can be integrated as a part of other systems (e.g. traffic management systems). This vehicle-specific route optimization/route calculation can therefore complement the business’s data with correct distance and travel time information.

The service is currently used by different types of businesses. These range from transport companies who need to have accurate distance and driving times for each individual order, based on the vehicle used for the transport through businesses who calculate distance matrices for use in order and monitoring systems.

Common for most users is a requirement that routes are calculated so the vehicle carrying the transport is allowed and can be driven on the chosen route.

The distance calculation service replaces Triona’s former product HiDist.

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