About Triona

Board of directors

The board of directors in the Triona group consists of the following members:

Lars Harrysson, chairman of the board
Born: 1952
Stocks: 11 010
Regular occupation: Own consultency
Other assignments: Actea Consulting AB

Lennart L. Hane, board member
Born: 1955
Stocks: 20 000  (via company)
Regular occupation: VD Fronos AB
Other assignments: Moment AB, Bonanza Education Aktiebolag, Contribute to Evolution IT Consutling AB, Newcruit Media AB, Fronos AB, Lavendla AB

Håkan Blomdahl, board member
Born: 1968
Stocks: 584 817 (via company)
Regular occupation: VD Triega AB
Other assignments: SBC Sveriges Bostadsrätts Centrum AB, Mertiva AB, Norvida AB, Arbona AB

Victoria Carlbaum, board member
Born: 1960
Stocks: 365 782 (including family and companies)
Regular occupation: Ledarskapskonsult och VD i Hallberg & Carlbaum AB
Other assignments: Hallberg och Carlbaum AB