• Full speed ahead
    Towards common
    goals Creating efficient solutions together
  • A reliable partner 
    makes everything 
    easier From the start dependability has been 
    one of our most important guiding principles
  • Your routes
    deserve the
    best courses We’ll help you find the right way
  • In position to
    change the world Triona has unique knowledge
    in location-based information solutions

Triona is a leading and reliable supplier of innovative IT solutions within logistics- and infrastructure-oriented operations. We combine industry-specific competence and skills in transport infrastructure, power/energy, contractor related businesses, transports and forest industry with leading-edge experience within software engineering and maintenance.

We are established in Finland, Norway and Sweden with an annual turnover of approximately 170 MSEK and and employ around 150 people. Among our customers you will find ABB, Bane NOR, BDX, Clas Ohlson, Euroskilt, Mantum, MaserFrakt, Mesta, NCC, NWP, SCA, The Norwegian Road Authority, Sveaskog and The Swedish Transport Authority and Transdev.

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