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News Archive

Milestone reached at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

The system delivery in the Swedish Transport Administration’s ANDA project was approved in December 2017. The project included the implementation of a new IT solution for the management of plant data for the Swedish road and railway networks. The approval means that an important milestone has been reached.

19 February 2018

Norrlands Trä first in Sweden to use TimberPro

TimberPro will be implemented at Norrlands Trä making them the first Swedish timber processing company to use the modern ERP system purpose built for the timber industry.

12 February 2018

New release of Transport Routing Engine

In January a new version of Transport Routing Engine, TRE, was released. This release includes performance enhancements as well as new features.

5 February 2018

Triona acquires Safe Control Infra AS

Triona announced the takeover of Safe Control Infra AS and its SINUS.Infra and Veibilder 360° products. The products are used today in the registration and maintenance of infrastructure related data. Included in the takeover are production activities dealing with the collection and processing of road images. The acquisition is in line with Triona’s strategy to offer innovative IT solutions for logistic- and infrastructure-related operations.

31 January 2018

OpenTNF seminar

May 2’nd 2018 we call for a meeting to discuss the future development of OpenTNF. 

30 January 2018

SDC Upgrade to TNE 3

SDC has signed an agreement with Triona to upgrade to Transport Network Engine 3 (TNE 3). The upgrade will be done in phases during 2018. The benefits are shorter lead times, reduced costs, and increased quality in SDC’s work with the production of the dataset, which is the basis for among other things SDC’s “Krönt vägval” service.

29 January 2018

Mobile App Pilot for Oversize/Abnormal Loads at the FTA

Triona has delivered a mobile application pilot solution for tracking oversize loads to the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA). The mobile app, which is targeted towards contractors working with the transport of oversize loads, allows drivers to report on the progress and status of the transport. The pilot period is just about to start. The mobile app enables on-call personnel in road traffic centers to track oversize (or overweight) load transports in (almost) real-time.

20 December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

18 December 2017

New System for Digital Traffic Sign Management

Triona, together with Euroskilt have launched a new, flexible system for digital traffic sign management. The system supports both manual- and remote-control. The latter can be carried out by for example from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s road traffic management centers.

14 December 2017

Successful Triona Days Event

At the end of November 2017 Triona held an event “Triona days” with ca 50 participants from different organizations in Norway and Sweden. After reviewing the questionnaires which the participants completed we can conclude that the Triona Days event was a success!

1 December 2017

Triona Releases New version of “Arbeidsvarsling-Loggbok“

Triona have launched a new version of Arbeidsvarsling-Loggbok (roughly translated Roadwork Notification logbook/journal). Important news in this version is that Triona’s photo application Vegfoto is now integrated with the system

20 November 2017

Triona Enters Partner agreement with Finnish PiiMega OY

Triona has entered into a partnership agreement with the Finnish software house PiiMega OY. Initially, Triona will partner PiiMega in the Swedish and Norwegian markets to sell, support, and customize PiiMega® TimberPro, which is PiiMega’s ERP system for sawmills and wood processing. PiiMega will in turn be Triona’s partner in Finland for Triona’s cloud service “Lasset” in the timber industry.

13 November 2017

Triona releases new version of TRACS Flow

A new version of TRACS Flow was launched in October 2017. 

10 November 2017

Triona and Scandinavian Logistics Launch cooperation

Scandinavian Logistics (Scanlog), an independent Swedish-owned logistics company, and Triona have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim to develop new IT-based logistics and transport service offerings.

6 November 2017

High Customer Satisfaction for Triona’s Customers

In a recent customer satisfaction survey Triona received a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of 82, a score which we see as a positive acknowledgement from our customers.

1 November 2017

OpenTNF-library is released

Triona has now released OpenTNF-library as OpenSource. This library is a reference implementation for the OpenTNF standard, developed in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration, Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Trimble.

30 October 2017

Triona Releases TNE Version 3.2

Version 3.2 of Triona’s Transport Network Engine (TNE™) is now released. The first customer to use the new version is the Norwegian state-owned company Bane NOR who are responsible for the Norwegian national railway infrastructure. Bane NOR are currently developing a new platform for the management of traffic-related track information.

20 October 2017

Triona to develop new ”Krönt vägval karta” for SDC

Triona has won an order to develop a new version of SDC’s web application “Krönt vägval karta”. The current application allows users to make manual distance calculations and see the chosen route on a map. There is also the possibility to see a road’s properties such as speed restrictions and bearing capacity class. Users can also report inaccuracies in the distance calculation or incorrect road information via the web application.

12 October 2017

New CFO at Triona

Sofia Hedberg has now started her work as CFO at Triona. 

6 October 2017

Swecon chooses Lasset for its transport administration

Swecon, a nationwide reseller of Volvo’s construction machinery has chosen to streamline its transport administration.

2 October 2017

Triona and Västernorrland County Council Sign Agreement

Västernorrland County Council has signed a framework agreement with Triona for IT assignment consultants.

11 September 2017

New Customer – the Norwegian Railway Directorate

Triona has signed a contract with the Norwegian Railway Directorate - Jernbanedirektoratet for delivery of consultancy services. The contract is a two-year framework agreement with the option to extend by 2 x 1 year.

28 August 2017

Triona Awarded New Framework Agreements by the Swedish Transport Administration

During the last few months Triona has had additional possibilities to deliver consultancy services with domain expertise and IT competencies to the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) – Trafikverket.

21 August 2017

Triona Releases TNE Version 3.1

Central to the new features in version 3.1 of Triona Network Engine (TNE™), released in spring 2017, is a new module TNE Studio. TNE Studio is a web based tool which allows the management of background jobs which are run and can be scheduled on the server platform. New in TNE 3.1 is also increased compatibility with Oracle’s database management system.

14 August 2017

Triona Routing Engine Live at Samtrafiken

Triona’s routing platform Triona Routing Engine (TRE) has been integrated in Samtrafiken’s journey planning service Resrobot since spring 2017.

7 August 2017

Triona Launches New version of its Distance Calculation Service

A new version of Triona’s distance calculation service is now available. Version 1.1 includes some exciting new features as well as some minor bug fixes.

26 June 2017

Triona Signs Contract with City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm’s Environmental Administration has signed a contract with Triona regarding an assignment to adapt an Internet web portal. “We are very pleased to once again be chosen to work with the Environmental Administration, especially as there were extremely high requirements for specialist competence in, amongst others, geographic information system (GIS) in the tender process.” 

19 June 2017

Triona launches New Version of TRACS Flow

TRACS Flow is being continuously developed and Triona launched a new version in April.

14 June 2017

TNE in production at NCA

During late winter 2016, Triona delivered its Transport Network Engine platform (TNE™) to the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) - Kystverket and the system is now in production. Moving forward, the focus will be on the registration, import, and validation of the waterway network and its related data. 

30 May 2017

Azure Boost to Triona

On 1st June 2017, in conjunction with the takeover of LiveArena TV AB’s Development and Quality Assurance operations, we warmly welcome 10 new employees to the Triona Group.

29 May 2017

Triona sets up Operations in Finland

Triona will open an office in Finland, located in Espoo just outside of Helsinki. 

3 May 2017

Triona signs agreement with Euroskilt

Triona will, together with Euroskilt, develop a signal management system using standard protocols.

17 April 2017

New Logistics System in production at the Kiruna mine

At the end of last year, BDX chose Triona as their supplier regarding the new assignments for LKAB. This includes machinery- and transport services above ground in Kiruna. BDX began using the solution on New Year's Day of 2017.

10 April 2017

Growth for Triona in the Sundsvall Region

With new offices and more employees Triona is increasing its investment in the Sundsvall region.

6 April 2017

Setra joins Lasset

Setra will start a pilot project to evaluate Lasset. During April to September, all shipment orders to five selected countries will be using Lasset.

3 April 2017

OpenTNF 1.0 published

Triona has now released version 1.0 of the specification for OpenTNF on OpenTNF is an open standard for a flexible and efficient exchange of transport network data, developed in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration, Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Trimble.

27 March 2017

Framework agreement with Statnett

As a subcontractor to UBConnect, Triona has signed a framework agreement with Statnett.

22 March 2017

Framework agreement with Stockholm County Council (SLL)

Stockholm County Council (SLL) have signed a new framework agreement with Triona regarding IT consultants.

20 March 2017

Proof of concept - life cycle management of data

Triona has entered into an agreement to participate in the project "Verification IFC Alignment & InfraGML". The project is a subproject within IFC Infrastructure Alignment Deployment operated under the Building Smart International. The project is also part of the program Smart Built Environment.

13 March 2017

Alltransport chooses TRACS Flow

Alltransport has procured a new business and planning system to the Alltransport group. They chose TRACS Flow from Triona.

7 March 2017

Framework agreement with Trafikverket

Trafikverket has signed a framework agreement with Triona regarding professional services within road and rail related data and geographic information.

27 February 2017

More efficient code generation for ABB

In the beginning of 2015 Triona received a mission from ABB Power Systems.

30 January 2017

SCA introduces in China

SCA Timber China have started to use Lasset to manage its container transports from Sweden to China.

24 January 2017

Navigation app to Keolis

Keolis have chosen Triona as the supplier of a navigation app that will be used to simplify the training of bus drivers. The navigation app will give the drivers access to views of and information about the tours that is planned. The navigation app will be based on a vehicle adapted android platform, developed by the company Fleetech which is partly owned by Triona.

16 January 2017

Transport data platform to Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson has signed a contract with Triona regarding the development of a transport data platform

19 December 2016

Framework agreement with Statens Vegvesen

Triona has signed a framework agreement with Statens Vegvesen in Norway in the area Geomatikk (GIS and Geodata) as well as  overall assignments and consultants.

16 December 2016

TNE and a new web solution to Jernbaneverket

Triona has together with Trimble Solutions won a contract to supply a system for handling of traffic-related route information to the Norwegian National Rail Administration. The system includes delivery of the products TNE, Nova Point and a new web solution.

12 December 2016

Application management agreement with Esso in Norway

In October Triona took over the responsibility for the application management of the system CapTank for another customer, Esso Energi in Norway.

6 December 2016

Transport by rail supported by Lasset

Procurement and order of railway transport are now handled by Lasset.

22 November 2016

New logistics system for BDXs mission at LKAB

LKAB has signed a contract with BDX relating to machinery and transport services above ground in Kiruna. The mission implies new demands on business systems as well ass methods for reporting/monitoring. To meet these demands, BDX has chosen to deepen their cooperation with Triona.

7 November 2016

New release of TRACS Flow

TRACS Flow is constantly being developed, and last week Triona launched a new version. The next version is planned to be released in April 2017.

24 October 2016

Triona tests ITS Station

On 23 September, Triona with Vision Tech and Aventi conducted a full-scale system test of a ITS station in Grillstadtunneln. Later this fall, we have planned similar tests in Väretunneln and a test route of the E39 Øysand.

17 October 2016

Norwegian Coastal Administration chooses TNE 3.0

Triona has won a procurement regarding delivery of a system supporting maintenance and presentation of fairway data to the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

10 October 2016

Release of TNE version 3.0

For several years Triona has worked with the development of a new generation of the TNE platform. On September 28th the 3.0 version of TNE was finally officially released which facilitates the digitalization of our customers’ business processes.

3 October 2016

We help Trafikverket in the development of the railway sector

Triona continues to participate with senior consultants in investigations and projects in various forms of business development, including the rail sector. Last assignment as Triona received by Trafikverket is about establishing a vision for future monitoring of assets and continued work with life cycle costs for assets. We take part in the work that creates the future of smart transport infrastructure.

20 September 2016

Deviation reporting and monitoring in trains

Triona has developed a deviation reporting and monitoring tool called RUFS.

12 September 2016

Clas Ohlson signs contract with Triona

Clas Ohlson has signed a framework agreement with Triona regarding professional services

5 September 2016

Application management agreement with OKQ8 and Hoyer

In July Triona took the formal responsibility for the continued application management of CapTank, a mobile order application used by Q8 and Hoyer

29 August 2016

Interim report January - June 2016

The interim report for the period January - June 2016 is published.

26 August 2016

Application management agreement with Bergvik

Triona has signed an application management agreement regarding the system SPIRA.

22 August 2016

Smart online damage claim using a new service from Triona

Länsförsäkringar's new service for online damage claim uses a positioning service developed by Triona.

15 August 2016

Swedish Land Survey chooses Triona yet again

Swedish Land Survey has recently completed a procurement process regarding maintenance of an application for handling metadata. The system is used to manage metadata within the mandate of other authorities. Triona was given renewed confidence as supplier.

8 August 2016

SCA introduces in France

SCA Timber France will start using for all its shipments from its warehouse in Rochefort, France.

4 July 2016

Mobile application makes attending conferences easier

It's usually stressfull to keep track of schedules, venues, lectures and other related information when attending a conference. Why don't you offer your conference attendees an application to help with all of this?

21 June 2016

Gävle muncipality uses routing data from TNE

Gävle muncipality is now basing it's routing services on Trionas product TNE combined with a component that translates data from TNE to datasets suitable for routing.

7 June 2016

The Norwegian road authority chose to use TNE Rosatte Service

At the beginning of this year, The Norwegian road authority began using the "TNE Rosatte Service".

30 May 2016

100 000 bookings made with

By mid April the 100 000th booking was made in by Reaxcer. The transport order was placed by Gällö Timber.

19 May 2016

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