From Ludvika to China in a month.

To reuse an existing solution and implement it in another part of the world is not always as easy as it sounds. But it went quickly when Triona helped ABB in China improve its item management.

On 3rd March Michael Hall got an unexpected call. Michael is a system developer at Triona and has worked for many years with maintenance and development of IT systems for ABB’s development and manufacturing in Ludvika.

The call came from ABB in China and it emerged they wanted to implement the material control system MechList at ABB’s Chinese company.

Integration with SAP

MechList is developed by Triona and for many years has been used in Ludvika to produce bills of material, order and production specifications as well as packing lists for the production of semiconductor valves. MechList interacts with ABB’s business system SAP R3.

Simply put, data is moved from SAP to a local database, which makes it easier to create bills of materials. Information on the packaged material and orders can then be communicated back to the business system. SAP is being implemented at the Chinese company, who now also want to use MechList for its business.

Global information flow

“After a meeting in the middle of March we started the implementation”. said Michael. “The solution is essentially the same as we developed for ABB in Ludvika.”

The biggest challenge was getting the connection to the SAP system to work, as the flow of information in part will be between China, Västerås, and Ludvika.

After only a month’s development and test the system was in production at ABB in China. “We have had a very good cooperation with Triona for many years and even this time they solved the task smoothly and quickly”, said Pär Pålsson, system operator at ABB in Ludvika.