New solution for forest machines at Sveaskog

Nineteen years old and still working efficiently, is stable, fast, and well liked. A good description of Sveaskog’s existing GIS solution for forest machines. A new system was developed to manage new ways of working and improvements in other systems.

The system currently supports Sveaskog’s operators of harvesters and forwarders in their work with harvesting and transporting of timber. The system consists of a mobile application in the forest machine and a central server. For each planned activity, specific instructions are automatically downloaded to selected machines. The instructions contain, among other things, mapping data that is displayed by the system and the harvest area. The instructions also contain information about cultural and natural assets. During the actual work, logged tracks and map objects are also synchronized between machines working together. For many years, Triona has helped Sveaskog manage their GIS solution for forest machines.

"We find it incredibly exciting and rewarding helping Sveaskog achieve their targets for a high efficiency level and data quality with the use of modern technology." Katarina Johansson, Triona

During Spring 2020, Sveaskog launched a project for the deployment of a modern forestry machine system. Sveaskog were clear that they wanted the fast, stable, and well-functioning system, managed by Triona, as a baseline. However new requirements were defined based on new ways of working and other systems at Sveaskog. Triona was selected as the supplier.

"Triona were selected as they have an in-depth understanding of the current system and they came up with many good ideas for a new solution. The fact that we have an excellent cooperation going many years back also meant a lot to us.” Christer Ranvald, projektledare Sveaskog

The project was run in cooperation between Sveaskog and Triona with staff from both companies. Triona contributed with a development lead, an architect, a requirements analyst, developer, and test lead. Triona’s expertise within GIS came in handy in the development of a new system where the map is a central component in the machine operator’s daily work.

During fall 2021 deployment to forest machines was initiated, the project was concluded, and maintenance established. The system is now running in around 350 forest machines.

Sveaskog’s and Triona’s common journey now continues by managing the system where we together further develop and manage the system. The goal is to both deliver a new system that will contribute to business benefits and that is still liked by Sveaskog’s machine operators.


Customer: Sveaskog

Problem definition: Sveaskog har ett behov av att modernisera dagens GIS-baserade system för sina skogs-maskiner.

Solution: Ett system för multipla plattformar med användbarhet och kartfunktionalitet i fokus.

Keywords: #forestindustry #forestry #GISsolution #cooperation