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Spira - From Seed to Plant

Spira is a completely in-house developed business system completely designed according to the nurseries’ requirements and requests. The system offers a holistic view and a coordination between the nurseries for example through a common stock, order management, and production planning.

Stora Enso own three forest tree nurseries in mid Sweden. These nurseries have been located at their sites for decades and have changed ownership several times. Each nursery has been its own unit for a long time, with a separate stock and sales, although the nurseries wanted a closer relationship, and had set a goal to become more effective and to find synergies. There was also a need for automatization and more effective ways of working which raised the question about a new IT system. Triona was given the assignment to develop a new system, Spira, together with the nurseries.

“Before Spira, the nurseries did not have visibility over what was going on in the other nurseries” Malin Lindström Eriksson, Stora Enso.

Before Spira, the business was very person dependent and sensitive to disruptions such as sickness or employee turnover. Today, the staff in the nurseries can cooperate through Spira independent of geographical location. Spira is also helping Stora Enso to be a leader in digitalization where higher demands are put on faster response times, paperless ordering, delivery notes, and invoicing.

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Spira is supplemented by a web-based portal where customers can order and call off their plants directly. An order received by the customer portal goes directly to Spira, which can process and confirm the order without manual intervention. The portal increases the service level and offers a clear and secure communication between customer and nursery.

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Photo: Tomas Gunnarsson

Development and administration of Spira is based on a close relationship between Triona and Stora Enso using an agile way of working. Over the years, several people from Triona have been involved in the development of Spira, thus building knowledge that Stora Enso trust and they are confident that the result will give most benefit to their business.

“Triona are very responsive to our requirements. All our ideas are considered, and we always work together to find a solution!” Malin Lindström Eriksson, Stora Enso.

The work continues to further develop Spira, this will bring more business integration with the system. One important factor is that Spira has, since release in 2017, been in use without any major incidents. Together Triona and Stora Enso are expanding the nurseries’ business with further utilization and target fulfillment through Spira!


Customer: Stora Enso

Area: Forest industry

Problem: The nurseries had a need to automate and optimize the business support chain from seed to plant in the forest. The three nurseries which are at geographically different locations also needed a system for closer cooperation and synergies between their facilities.

Solution: A modern, in-house developed business system developed according to the nurseries’ unique requirements covering the chain from seed planning to invoicing of delivered plants.

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