Triona and Metsäkeskus reap success

Metsäkeskus (Skogscentralen) is tasked with promoting forestry and related livelihoods, advising landowners on how to care for and benefit from their forests and the ecosystems, therein, collecting and sharing data related to Finland's forests and enforcing forestry legislation.

Triona has developed a completely new and modern, cloud-based solution for Finnish based Metsäkeskus, to which timber procurement can upload harvest data. The solution enables Metsäkeskus to analyze and process their forestry asset data. It is highly scalable depending on changing load situations. Data is integrated in a standardized format based on the Finnish Forestry Information Standard. Metsäkeskus are responsible for the standard, which is partly based on StanForD2010.

Processing of forestry data is an integral part of Metsäkeskus’ business. The data is used for providing correct information for the national forestry assets which are managed by Metsäkeskus. In addition, forest companies in Finland can also use the data in their own information systems. The companies can retrieve data and use in their own business. This data is provided to the company by forest logging workers and processed by the harvest data calculation service.

Location data, completed work orders etc. are transferred from the forest logging workers to the cloud-based service for data analysis and processing in the harvest data calculation service. Algorithms can be modified and added in the harvest data calculation service due to its modular design. The current algorithms are based on research (Automated Method for Delineating Harvested Stands Based on Harvester Location Data) done by Metsäteho (corresponding to SkogsForsk in Sweden). The result from the algorithms is stored in a data framework. This framework handles updates of forestry assets in Metsäkeskus’ information system. The target is to be able to process forestry harvesting data as efficiently as possible while simultaneously receiving and handling a large amount of data in the harvest data calculation service.

“The customization of the complex algorithms developed for the harvest data calculation service to a fully productive information service was a big success.” Heikki Eronen, Application Manager, Metsäkeskus

The main purpose of this project was to provide the functionality and data to the Finnish forestry sector though a scalable system, thereby making their business more efficient. The generated data can also be used to manage the national forestry database. Thus, the Finnish forestry sector is taking part in updating common forestry data.

Metsäkeskus has produced their own, agile development model, SMK-SAFe, for development of applications and services. SMK-SAFe is a variant of the SAFe® Framework and is customized for Metsäkeskus’ purposes. The service for harvest data calculation was developed using this model in close corporation between Triona and Metsäkeskus and was delivered according to an agreed time plan.

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of the IT solution” Tapani Hämäläinen, Director for Development, Metsäkeskus



Customer: Metsäkeskus

Industry: Forestry

Employees: 575

Turnover: 500 MSEK per annum

Problem: Metsäkeskus needed to process gathered harvesting data for use in the forest industry and the national forestry database.

Solution: Triona provided a scalable, cloud-based solution for processing of harvesting data and providing data for the Finnish forestry sector. Development followed the SAFe framework.

Keywords: #Forestry, #Cloud solution. #Agile development, #Data integration, #SAFe. #StanForD