Flexibility for customers and drivers

Transdev is one of the largest public transportation companies in Sweden and a major customer to Triona. During 2022 Transdev will have over 1200 vehicles in operation using Triona’s FleetControl product which is an integral part of the IoT platform FOL (Fordon OnLine/Vehicle OnLine).

FleetControl is the central point

In a large tender issued by Trafikförvaltningen Stockholm (SL), a large part of the responsibility for IT was delegated to traffic operators. Transdev was awarded the contract and since June 2019 has around 125 vehicles operational. Triona’s FleetControl is an integral part of Transdev’s vehicle IoT platform combines an onboard computer and a driver display. FleetControl is the central part in the complete solution delivering accurate position data once per second without interruption.

Example - flexible Intercom

Third party suppliers can use the functionality and flexibility that Triona’s solution offers. For example, Transdev’s drivers can control the intercom from the driver display. This has been made possible due to an intercom app developed by Triona sending commands to the intercom via the vehicle’s computer. Triona. Other suppliers’ hardware and software can also communicate with each other and access the Internet using FleetControl. This enables a cost-effective solution where apps add value as data can be shared between actors.

Enabling third-party development

The display is the driver’s central device, and the main goal is that all functionality should be accessible from the display. An important step is FleetControl’s display software which enables integration of third-party applications allowing the customer to choose from several suppliers. This has resulted in additional functionality delivered by other suppliers being available in the driver display. For example, route guide, sign control, and the intercom described earlier.


Implementation framework for third parties

In order to reduce the administration for deployment of third-party apps, FleetControl offers an implementation framework called Application and Integration Framework. As well as being a framework it also consists of a set of rules and will streamline a rapid and smooth integration of new driver display functionality.

FleetAnalyzer monitors and streamlines administration

FleetAnalyzer is a part of FleetControl and is a web-based system with responsive design and supported on mobile devices. FleetAnalyzer has functionality for monitoring hardware and software, showing the vehicle position, act on messages and alarms as well as facilitate administration of new hardware and software SW installations.


Customer: Transdev

Industry: Public transport

Problem definition: A vehicle requires many different systems and for public transport this could be systems for ignition interlock devices, passenger count, positioning, sign control, and intercom. All those systems required different hardware platforms and used different communication methods.

Solution: FleetControl is the central point of the IoT vehicle platform with an onboard computer and a driver display. The display software enables integration of third-party apps. Other suppliers’ hardware and software platforms communicate with each other and access the Internet through FleetControl. This solution reduces costs when managing many different platforms.

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