Smart services from Triona simplify shippers’ daily routines at the Setra Group

The Setra Group is one of Sweden’s largest wood product companies. With large delivery volumes there are high requirements for effective processes for procurements, bookings, and follow-up of transport. Using C-Load, Triona’s intelligent service, the Setra Group has been able to streamline shippers’ daily routines while at the same time improve quality.

The Setra group has eight sawmills and two processing units, ranging from the Mälaren Valley to Kalix in the north. At Setra’s facilities, forestry raw products are converted and processed to climate-friendly products for construction and housing. The Setra group also sell bioproducts to customers in the paper and pulp industries as well as energy production. The products are transported from the facilities by truck and boat – both between Setra’s facilities as well as to customers on the international market – and as one of Sweden’s largest wood product companies Setra transports large volumes of goods daily. Many of the shippers’ procurement, booking and follow-up processes were previously done manually which created a huge workload.  To improve their internal processes Setra therefore chose to work with Triona and implement C-Load, a smart service which simplifies procurements and transport bookings by road, rail, and sea.

“Thanks to C-Load we can see clear time savings throughout the whole booking process. We can now monitor deliveries more efficiently and also get valuable statistics regarding the suppliers’ volume distribution, destinations, and prices.” Maria Jansson, Logistics manager, Setra

Fewer manual processes

By moving the transport bookings flow for international road transport to C-Load's digital arena Triona has helped the Setra group free up a lot of time for the shippers. Instead of actively trying to find suppliers with available capacity transport requests are sent to suppliers using C-Load according to the ranking lists created at the latest procurements. Today a large percentage of the Setra group’s transport bookings are made digitally through C-Load.

“Since we started using C-Load we have had a close collaboration with Triona. Their support is always easily accessible and solution focused. We feel that Triona prioritizes continuous development and our ideas and suggestions for improvements are addressed proactively.”  Sandra Abrahamsson, Logistician Setra

The transition to C-Load has given the Setra Group a larger supplier base, made it easier to compare tenders and created a better foundation to improve quality together with suppliers. In C-Load the quality measurements are fully available for both parties, which creates a common understanding for delivered quality and a basis for collectively being able to increase quality over time.


Customer: Setra Group

Product: C-Load

Solution: A smart cloud service that simplifies customers’ procurements and orders for road, rail, and sea transport

Keywords: #Logistics #Sustainable Transport #Information exchange