Maintenance contract for CapTank order application to Triona

During 2016 Triona took over the formal responsibility for the maintenance of CapTank a mobile order application specially developed for fuel tanker distribution. Customers using the application are Hoyer, OKQ8 and Esso Energi.

When Consafe, who originally developed CapTank, made the decision to phase out the product, Triona were asked to take over the maintenance of the application. During Autumn 2015 work started with a pre-study which moved to an initiation project during Spring 2016. On July 1st the same year Triona took over the formal responsibility for the customers OKQ8 and Hoyer.

Support, maintenance and further development of the software are included in the maintenance contract. The CapTank application is used by fuel tankers who deliver oil products to primarily petrol stations, industries, and machines used in the forest industry. The driver receives the order information via an on-board computer. For example: which customer is the recipient and the delivery address. If needed they can also get the route information for the customer. 

The application also shows the quantity and the type of fuel delivered. The application’s GPS functions reduce the risk of incorrect deliveries. This is necessary as the fuel tanker’s load is valuable and must not end up in the wrong place. CapTank is used in total by about 200 fuel tankers.

Triona as first choice

Triona won this assignment largely due to its extensive know-how across transport and mobile applications. Another reason was the long-standing cooperation which Triona’s associated company Fleetech has had with both OKQ8 and Hoyer. Fleetech is the supplier of their driver and vehicle monitoring systems.

“We felt early in the process that we were a good match. At Triona we have worked extensively with system administration and we have established good routines and processes. We also have the right conditions to develop future versions of the system”, explained Jens Werner, Business Area Manager at Triona.

“Triona has a lot of knowledge regarding system administration and they have huge experience in our industry sector and mobile systems”, says Jan Sternen, Head of Customer Service at Esso Energi.

Douglas Löfqvist at OKQ8 agrees:

“Triona administers our on-board computer solution which is a very important part of our delivery chain. Triona is a competent business partner and we have a good cooperation. They keep everything in order, quite simply.”

“As we have offices and resources in both Stockholm where OKQ8 are headquartered and in Oslo where Esso Energi is located we can offer good support to these customers. We have regular meetings and signoffs and we look forward to a long-term relationship with all three customers”, said Jens Werner.